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Elizabeth’s Education

Layers of domination and submission Book 1

The strict disciplinarian is taking her in hand, but finds the young woman taking his heart.

Elizabeth is a beautiful, intelligent, wealthy young woman, but spoiled and willful, flirtatious and feisty. She is also totally mesmerized by the one man who shows her no interest – the dashing, mysterious, Lord Michael.

But what the young virgin soon discovers is that Lord Michael is a strict disciplinarian, and when Elizabeth’s father asks him to watch over the haughty young lady, Lord Michael takes the opportunity to begin her education.

Forced to surrender to a sound over the knee spanking, a tearful, mortified, Elizabeth learns that her actions suddenly have consequences. Under his artful mastery, the passionate girl is led through deepening layers of submission, and with bondage and discipline constant companions on her journey, she quickly learns the torrid lessons of pleasure and pain, reward and punishment.

Ultimately, her submissive nature finds her aching to serve him solely and completely. But if she wants to call him Master, she must agree to an intense initiation, proving her sincerity, displaying her hedonistic hunger, and earning the privilege.

But will she prove herself worthy to be collared and call him Master?

If you enjoy hot Victorian romance featuring a strict Lord and a headstrong young woman, you’ll love this salacious story.

Publisher’s Note: Novels are STANDALONE and HEA (Happily Ever After). No Cliffhangers.