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His Very Sneaky Mafia Princess:
A Dark Mafia Suspense Romance

If he wants to take over the Romano family, he’ll have to take its princess in hand.

Angelina’s father spent years preparing her lead the powerful Romano mafia family, but after his death, the head of a rival clan makes a move on her organization…and on her.

With smoldering dark eyes and a muscled physique no suit can hide, Carmine Caruso doesn’t plan to eliminate Angelina. He wants the gorgeous, red-headed princess for himself, and he’ll have to bare her bottom and spank her soundly to show her who’s boss.

Despite her best efforts to deny her feelings for the handsome don, Angelina soon finds herself begging him to claim her hard and thoroughly. But even after he has ravaged and disciplined her, she remains determined to keep her independence and her family. 

But an unknown enemy emerges threatening them both and she barely escapes an attempt on her life. Can Carmine persuade the spirited beauty to finally join forces and uncover those behind a series of vicious attacks…and possibly hers?

Quickly swooping her up, Carmine carried Angelina to the shade of the tree. Sitting her on the grass and leaning her back against the trunk, he lifted her wrist and lightly placed his fingers against her pulse.

“Are you okay?” he asked as she slowly opened her eyes.

“Yeah, still a bit lightheaded,” she mumbled with a sigh. “It’s probably just low blood sugar. This happens to me sometimes. Do you have any orange juice in that basket?”

“Sure,” he replied casually, lifting the folded blanket off the top of the hamper, but rather than set it aside, he stood up, flapped it open, and rested it on the grass a few yards away. “You should probably sit on this. I just noticed some nasty-looking spiders crawling around that tree.”

Letting out a cry, she leapt to her feet.

“Fuck, I hate spiders,” she squealed, frantically brushing her arms and legs. “Are there any on me? Shit. Do you see any on my back?”

“No, Angie, there are no creepy crawlies on your back—or on the tree,” he replied solemnly, standing with his hands on his hips and shaking his head. “Did you really think for one second I’d fall for a stunt like that? What kind of saps have you been spending time with?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking—?”

“Don’t even go there,” he snapped, cutting her off and stepping quickly toward her.

“For fuck’s sake, don’t go getting your boxers in a twist,” she snapped, though sporting a sassy grin. “It was just a—”

“Joke—or was it something else?” he demanded, bending down and picking up a long, thin stick. “Why did you pretend to faint, Angie?”

“Hey, you promised you wouldn’t lay a hand on me!”

“This isn’t my hand,” he retorted, shaking the stick at her. “You just tried to con me, and you’re going to tell me why.”

He lunged forward, and though she tried to duck away, he grabbed her wrist, jerked her body around, and delivered several sharp strokes across the center of her backside.

“You fucking bastard!” she wailed, squirming furiously in his grip. “Let me go! Let me go right now!”

“I don’t take orders from anyone, especially not you, and when a conniving female tries her tricks on me she gets her ass whipped,” he barked, yanking her into his body. “Don’t even think about stamping your foot on mine, or doing anything else equally stupid. If you do, I’ll tie you to that trunk, bare your backside, and stripe it good. Are we clear?”

“Tie me with what?” she snarled skeptically. “Your fucking shirt?”

Abruptly dragging her past the hamper around to the back of the tree, he pointed at a length of coiled rope. “I brought that up earlier in case it was needed. Do we understand each other now?”

“But, Carmine,” she murmured, staring at him with wide, woeful eyes. “I didn’t mean any harm.”

“Don’t look at me all innocent with those baby blues,” he scolded, not believing her sudden change in attitude. “If all you want to do is play childish games and you have no desire to talk with me like an adult, get the fuck out of here right now.” Her forehead crinkled. He wondered if he’d just hit a nerve. “Do you want to talk things through, or leave?”

“Yes, fine, we can talk,” she muttered, lowering her gaze.

Without warning, the same urge he’d felt when they were kids swept through him. He wanted to wrap her in his arms and tell her he wasn’t mad at her anymore, not about anything.

“So, what was that scene all about?” he demanded, trying to shake it off.

“I’m sorry, Carmine,” she said softly, leaning forward and dropping her head against his shoulder. “I’m not sure. I’m embarrassed now. Maybe I just wanted some attention. Maybe I just wanted…”

“Go on,” he pressed as she paused and took in a sharp breath.

“To, uh, feel your arms around me again—like before—when we were kids,” she whispered haltingly.

“All you had to do was ask,” he said softly, releasing her wrist and curling his fingers into her hair. “I assume, since you wanted that, you also want this.”

Closing his hand into a fist and tugging back her head, he lightly brushed his lips on hers. It was a tease, and when she tried to chase his kiss, he tightened his grip and moved his mouth to her ear.

“Ask nicely, Angie.”

“Please, Carmine?”

“Please, what?”

“Please kiss me and hold me?”