Tender romantic young lovers holding each other in a close intimate embrace , view from behind the bare back of the man

Even after all this time, I’m still often asked that question. The answer could be open to interpretation. Everyone has an opinion. All I can offer is mine. Any healthy, nurturing, positive Dominant/submissive relationship must be a romance. In other words, for ME, it must be based in love. Therefore, it is a romance.

It’s my understanding the book was written as a young woman’s fantasy. A scary, fun, captivating love story featuring a strong, sexy, wealthy dominant who used her as he wished, and trained her to be his submissive.

When you read it, or watch the film, you see the romance develop. D/s relationships, like all relationships, are unique. You may not see it as a romance that would suit you, but yes, it’s still a romance.