Indulge me.

For a couple of years I’ve been on a thrilling journey, writing books about my passion, Dominance and submission.  It never occurred to me when I published my first book back in 2003 that there would be a second, but when the second one happened, I wrote a third, then a fourth, and suddenly all I wanted to do was write. I fell in love with the process, and then, whoa, everything changed.  I was actually writing for a living, a completely unexpected consequence.

“You have to create a Facebook page, you have to have a Twitter account, you have to be on Pinterest, don’t forget about Google plus, and a blog, you absolutely MUST have a blog.”

The blog I’d already started, it was an extension of books, a personal journal where I could share with like-minded souls my passion for Dominance and submission.  No problem there!  But the rest?

Struggling, no beacon of light to lead me through the dark, hallowed halls of Facebook, I created a page.

“Make friends!” Facebook insisted.

“Who? How?” I asked the screen.

With great effort and filled with fear, I searched out friends.

“Bad girl!” Facebook suddenly scolded. “You’ve asked too many people to be your friend. Since we can’t reach through the screen and spank you, we have to put you in jail.” (Well, not that part about reaching through the screen and spanking me, though it would have been a nice touch, don’t you think?)

“Um, you told me to do that, I was just following orders.”

So it began, an endless journey of believing I was doing what was expected, only to be told, “NO, you can’t post that there, you can only post that here, and you certainly can’t post over on that person’s page even though they posted on yours, that’s not allowed.”


“Well, because, it doesn’t work that way!”

Somehow I ended up with two pages, I still don’t know how that happened.

Share, Tag, Privacy Settings, All Can View, Friends, Acquaintances, News Feeds, Activities, Groups, Closed Groups…aaarrgggh.

Last week I discovered the page that I had allowed to languish was actually the page, as an author, I was supposed to be using. For two years I was using a ‘Profile Page’ to share my books with the world.

“No, Maggie, you’re supposed to use your ‘Fan Page’ to share your books with the world, and you must acquire “Likes”.


So, my dear, patient readers, I apologize. Every day, between chapters, I struggle to do all the social media things I’m supposed to be doing as an author. I’m embarrassingly inadequate. The time I once spent writing poetry and musings on this blog, is now used to feed the voracious beast known as Social Media.

Yes, I appreciate that the beast provides an extraordinary opportunity to expose the work, and for that I’m grateful, but does it have to be so complicated, and why, oh why, are there so many social media outlets? It’s like a giant shopping mall in which we are expected to explore and shop in every store, every minute of every day.

This post is a thank you for your patience, and to provide the information about the correct Facebook page which I believe is now functioning.


Apparently there is more that requires my attention, and the page will be given all the attention, like a spoiled child, it demands. My Twitter account remains a mystery (but I will be dedicating some time to it soon) and the Pinterest Boards? I’m still baffled. The pins that are currently in place were delightful accidents.  Somehow I did something right, I just don’t know what it was.

To those of you who have learned the language, and can whistle your fingers across your keyboard and have magic happen, I bow to you. I am in awe of it all.  Somehow I find the strength to struggle on. At the end of the day I am doing this for my pen and ink babies, so I can reach those who share my passion for the D/s lifestyle, and who, with my greatest of thanks, choose to read them