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Reading This Excerpt Could Cause An Explosive Orgasm

“Listen to me, Charlotte. You read that Miranda’s only concern is finding a husband who carries a title, and on top of that she put you through a terrible ordeal, but perhaps there’s more to both of those stories than you know, and perhaps even more important, you shouldn’t underestimate your cousin.”

“What do you mean?”

“Walter is an accomplished man, and he is most certainly capable of seeing through a young woman like Miranda Witherspoon. You need to trust him. Perhaps he sees more than you do.”

Though her heart was still pounding, and her throat was still hot, Edward had managed to make her think.

“More? Like what?” she breathed.

“Do you trust me?”

“You know I do, totally, utterly, with my life.”

“Then trust me on this. Things are not as bleak you believe, and I promise you will know everything very soon.”


“Really! Now let’s wipe these tears away,” he said gently, moving his fingers across her wet cheeks. “In a few hours you will have a party to host.”

“I know, and I feel so drawn out and unnerved,” she bleated, dropping her head on his shoulders with a heavy moan.

“There is nothing so precious to me in all the world as you,” he murmured, stroking her hair. “Take a moment and feel how much I love you.”

“It does help,” she mumbled.

“Is your bottom still sore?”

“Yes, it certainly is.”

“Does that help too?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “It’s odd, but yes, it does.”

“I know how to get you out of your agitated and tired state.”

“You do?” she breathed, lifting her head and gazing at him.

“You need a total distraction and then a rest, and we have time for both. Stand up, I’m going to undress you.”

“But, uh, the party, the preparations…”

“Mrs. Marks has everything under control, and I will brook no protest. You are in my hands now, understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” she sighed, “and it is heaven.”

“There, good, that’s what I want to hear,” he said with a soft smile. “Now then, let’s peel off all these layers.”

Taking his time, he removed her dress and her undergarments, then instructing her to lie on the bed, he waited until she was settled then sat on the edge of the mattress beside her.

“Do you see the clock on the mantel? What time does it say?”

“It is just past 2:30.”

“I will be back in an hour, and this is what you must do. First, play with your lovely breasts,” he began, sliding his palm across her soft nipples, “then move your fingers between your legs and rub your magic button. Imagine anything you wish, create a new fantasy, or revisit an old one, and bring yourself to the very edge of your moment, then you must stop and rest your hand on your thigh.”

“And wait for you?”

“No. You will stare at the clock until two minutes have passed, then you will start again. You will repeat this continuously until I return at precisely 3:30 p.m.”

“Edward, I shall be so…” she mumbled, staring at him wide-eyed.

“Yes, you will,” he smiled, “and when I come back, I shall bring you to your end.”

“I still worry about the preparations.”

“Would you rather I spank your already sore bottom?”


“Then you must do as you’re told, correct?”

“Yes, sir,” she nodded, the sides of her mouth curling up ever so slightly.

“Ah, an almost smile. That deserves a kiss.”

Leaning in, he kissed her softly, pressed a little harder, then curling his hands into her hair, he fervently devoured her mouth.

“You are delicious,” he whispered as he pulled back. “I shall see in you in an hour.”

She watched him leave, then unexpectedly feeling a chill, she slid underneath the covers. The blankets were warm and comforting, and closing her eyes, she felt the tension beginning to ease.

“Edward said things are not as bleak as I believe,” she mumbled. “I must take stock in his promise. Edward, I do love you so very much.”

Slipping her fingers between her pussy lips, she found her clit. She wasn’t allowed to touch herself without his presence or permission, and now, suddenly, she had an hour to do exactly that. Letting out a long breath, she began to circle the sensitive nub, allowing her thoughts to wander.

The image of a medieval castle floated through her mind. The only light came from candles, and she was laid out on a wide slab of wood, her arms and legs spread apart, her wrists and ankles bound with thick rope. A man in a black cloak with a hood covering his head was walking around her, occasionally touching her, sending thrills through her body.

“Who are you, sir? Why am I tied?”

“I am a knight, and I have captured you,” he replied, throwing back the hood.

It was Edward, but with long flowing hair, and she shuddered as he traced his fingers across her inner thighs.

“I intend to use you and teach you my ways. This is now mine,” he declared, cupping her sex. “I shall use it as I please, and if you find delight in what I do, that will delight me, but it is mine, and I will do with it whatever I wish.”

“What might that be?” she trembled.

“I will plunge my manhood, but that is expected. I will tickle and tease, but I also have ways that will make you gasp, and things that will make you groan.”

Her moment was abruptly upon her, and letting out a cry she slid her hand from her pussy. She waited a moment, catching her breath, then slowly opening her eyes she glanced at the clock. It was not yet 2:45.

“How will I ever survive this?” she groaned.

She stared at the timepiece, waiting for the two minutes to pass, and when finally it did she closed her eyes and darted her hand back against her hungry cunny, eager to return to the fantasy.

He was leaning over her, spreading her pussy lips, and turning his head, he gazed up at her.

“I shall examine you, every inch of you. There will be no part of you that will be hidden from my eye and my exploration. This is one of the prettiest examples of womanhood I’ve ever seen.”

“Sir, I know you mean to ravage me, but when, and what of your ways?”

“In due course,” he said in a husky voice, “and they will surprise you, and before I ravage you there are other things I will do first.”

“What? What will you do first?”

“Whatever I feel like,” he replied with a wicked grin. “For now I wish to plunge my finger inside you.”

Bending lower until his face was inches from her sex, he placed his forefinger against her entryway and pushed it forward.

Her moment was rapidly approaching, and with a disappointed wail, for the second time she forced herself to remove her hand.

“This is so difficult,” she mumbled, moving her eyes to the clock. “How can it only be 2:55? It felt so much longer.”

She wriggled as she waited for the two minutes to pass, squeezing her thighs together as the time ticked by, then closing her eyes back down, she returned her fingers to work.

The knight was no longer at her side, but at a table across the room. He was picking up a candle housed in a metal holder with a ring attached to the base for his finger. As he neared, the flame showed his eyes, and though she was his captive she felt no danger from him.

“Lovely princess, I will teach you the joys that can be found with pleasure and pain, and you will find yourself falling at my feet in gratitude. I shall begin with the delights of candle wax.”

“There is delight in candle wax? How can that be?”

“Your breasts, I can pinch your nipples like this,” he said, reaching down with his free hand to sharply tweak them, “and that brings a certain kind of pleasurable pain, does it not?”

“It does,” she whispered, reality and fantasy almost becoming one, and moving her fingers from her sex, she raised them to pinch herself, then gasped at the residual flush of pain.

“Now you will feel the painful pleasure of the burning wax,” he announced, and holding the candle over her left breast, he tipped it sideways. She watched, mesmerized, as a drop of wax spilled from the top and landed on her skin.

Her eyes flashed open. It had been a week before that she’d been moving several lighted candles around their room to offer a romantic glow to their bed, and she had spilled wax from one on top of her hand. Initially it had hurt, but she had watched it gel, then peeled it off, and had fleetingly wondered how it might feel to have hot wax dripped across her naked body.

“Do I want this?” she whispered. “How strange that it should appear in my mind like that.”

Checking the clock, she was shocked to see it was 3:15 p.m. How had so much time passed? It was a brief vision, and she’d not even reached her moment, then she realized she hadn’t fantasized the scene at all. She had dozed off and the imagery had been a dream.

Returning her fingers to her sex, she closed her eyes and pictured Edward the knight, and the dark chamber floated back into view. She was still on the table but on her stomach, stretched over a large, soft pillow, and her wrists and ankles were tied together. The knight was fondling her bottom, squeezing and pinching, then spreading her cheeks, he held one aside as he touched his finger to her anus.

“I shall impale you here,” he growled, “and I shall do so now.”

“First I must spank you. Your cheeks are too pale, but I shall have my finger inside you as I redden them.”

His finger inserted itself, and his free hand began to slap her with a sharp sting, focusing on one cheek only. Again and again it landed, bringing fire to her sex and to her skin, and as his finger began to move in and out of her dusky hole, she let out a wail. Breathlessly she opened her eyes and pulled her hand from her sex. It had been almost impossible to deny herself. Her bottom was scratchy and tender, and though she knew it was from the morning’s punishment, it gave the fantasy life. Sighing heavily, she stared at the clock. 3:27.

“Thank God,” she groaned, and as if answering her prayer, the door opened.

“Precious girl, how are you?” Edward murmured, approaching the bed. “Your face is so red, and you have covered yourself.”

“Edward, I’m so glad you’re back. The things I imagined… and I am so in need of you.”

Taking the covers, he yanked them back and gazed at her body. Her chest was flushed, and touching between her legs, he let out a groan.

“Oh, my dearest, yes, you are, you are very in need of me.”