First – my apologies.  I ‘pressed’ the incorrect blog, which initially published as “Mine” instead of “Recognition”


RECOGNITION – a posting by Sir Faded Romantic – (one of the least Faded Folks I have ever had the privilege to come across) – speaks to that unspoken knowingness that transpires between two like minded, though polar opposite souls.  One Dominant, the other submissive.   How do we recognize each other?  He so eloquently speaks from his POV – that of a Dominant.  Here is the other side of the coin.

It’s a gathering.  A simple social occasion with friends, and friends of friends.

The stranger is standing at a distance, reaching for a drink from a passing tray.

He turns – I feel His eyes and offer a return glance

And I know –

Immediately I know –

It’s something in the look.

He has a secret.

There is a depth in His steady and unyielding gaze.

I appear confident and self assured

He silently asks – are you really?

The question sizzles across the invisible telephone line

The uninvited blush creeps up my neck and across my face?

I drop my eyes – not because I want to – because I must

He’s walking towards me –

He knows I will quiver as his ropes slip around my wrist.

My heart will pound in my ears as I am made to kneel

The black silk will wrap around my eyes, enveloping me in darkness

My sex will beg for his touch

His hot hands will pepper my skin

And as he nears

I know he has already seen me bound, naked and blindfolded

Kneeling – Waiting