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Motorcycle Master: Bad Boy Angel

Alpha Male Master Series Book 1

Hoping she couldn’t see his instant attraction, he fixed her with his best steely-eyed gaze, but she not only stared right back at him, she subtly lifted her chin. Her entire being oozed a screw-with-me-I-dare-you attitude. She was, absolutely, the sexiest woman he’d ever seen. 
“This is Kat,” Kratos said gruffly, “she’s outta New York. She rode with Spiros. Kat, this is Marco. Get outta line and this is the guy you’ll be dealin’ with.” 

Marco stayed mute. Not only was his aloof silence part of his persona, she had quite literally taken his breath away and he didn’t trust himself to speak. 

“Is being a bad girl the only way I’ll get to spend time with you?” she asked in a throaty voice that matched her dazzling looks. “You look like a dude who likes bad girls. Am I right? I can be so bad, almost as bad as you, and I’ll bet you’re about as bad as bad can be, like the big bad wolf.”

Undercover FBI agent Kat Baldwin isn’t the least intimidated when she strolls into the biker bar, but when she meets Marco every nerve in her body sparks. He’s unlike any bad boy she’s ever met, but when she tries to get his attention she quickly ends up with far more than a kiss and a request for her phone number. 

Working undercover for the DEA, Marco D’Angelo has infiltrated a nefarious motorcycle gang. Intimidating and powerfully built, his fighting skills and indomitable will has earned him the job as the gang’s muscle, but his mission is dangerous. He must track down an elusive drug lord known only as HH. Though the kingpin is a phantom, his barbaric methods of torture are legendary and no one dares to cross him. 

Marco must shun romantic entanglements, but when a dark-haired green-eyed beauty joins the gang he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her. Who is she, and why is she there…? 

Murder, torture, and betrayal surround a sizzling romance full of twists and turns. USA Today Bestselling Author Maggie Carpenter delivers a gripping page-turner that will keep you guessing to the very end. Climb on board, and hold on tight. You’re in for a wild ride. 

The Cowboy’s Rules and The Cowboy’s Rules 2 need to switch places. The Cowboy’s Rules is the first book.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains bondage, spanking, sexual scenes and violence. You have been warned

Novels are STANDALONE and HEA (Happily Ever After). No Cliffhangers.