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Welcome to My Sexy Saturday for October 11, 2014

This week I’m delighted to bring you a sexy snippet from my new book,


AVAILABLE 10/18/2014


Sassy Cassie has decided that Chad’s life is too hectic and she’s determined to change things, but she is quickly reminded that while her romantic, loving cowboy is completely crazy about her, he won’t hesitate to rein her in with a trip over his knee. As feisty as ever, not only does she push for change, she is struck with an idea, a surprise of mammoth proportions, but to make that surprise a reality she has to bend his rules into a pretzel!

(Edited to fit the 7 sentence rule).

Placing his cock against her he thrust forward and began fucking her with gusto, his belt jangling as he stroked.  His lips were devouring her neck, and when his hands dropped to her chest and ripped open her shirt, popping the buttons with one, fierce tug, she heard herself cry out in alarm, then moan with pleasure as his mouth began consuming her breasts.

Grabbing her wrists he pulled them up, laying them on either side of her head, pinning them into the mattress, and gazing at her he paused, locking her eyes.

“You feel me takin’ you?”

“Totally,” she whispered.

“You know where it comes from?”

“From your love, your heart,” she breathed.

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