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Welcome to My Sexy Saturday for October 25, 2014

This week I’m delighted to bring you another sexy snippet from my new book,



Sassy Cassie has decided that Chad’s life is too hectic and she’s determined to change things, but she is quickly reminded that while her romantic, loving cowboy is completely crazy about her, he won’t hesitate to rein her in with a trip over his knee. As feisty as ever, not only does she push for change, she is struck with an idea, a surprise of mammoth proportions, but to make that surprise a reality she has to bend his rules into a pretzel!

In honor of Halloween, I am offering this snippet because it involves chocolate, and I know we all indulge in chocolate on the night the ghosts and goblins come out to play.

Moving to the mounting block he gathered up the chocolate, the bottle of wine and his half-finished glass, placing them on the lower step, then taking a piece of the chocolate he returned to her.

“Open your mouth.”

He dropped in the sweet, then bringing her head back with a fistful of hair he kissed her, darting his tongue against hers, and as he shared the rich, delicious melting chocolate, his free hand began pinching her nipples.

Her squeals of surprise and pain were muffled by his mouth, and when he finally released her she dropped her head between her arms, moaning as she felt another surge of wetness between her legs.

Cassie was falling into abyss of feeling; scintillating sensations were undulating through her, from her one stinging cheek, to the fullness in her backside, and the sharp pain in her breasts. Moments later, when she felt the ropes wrapping around her wrists securing her to the bars, she sighed in gratitude, relinquishing her grip to the support of her binds.

 “You need them tied, don’t you,” he murmured.

*     *     *     *     *    *     *    *

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