Welcome, and thank you for stopping by.  I’m delighted to share with you a snippet from my latest novel, a collaboration with long-time friend and Dominant, James Collier.  In I AM A DOMINANT, he shares some of his more notable exploits, his thoughts and his insights.

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(Slightly edited for the seven sentence rule)

 Her mouth hungrily responded, then her tongue darted through my teeth sparking tiny electric shocks. I pressed my lips in a demanding, devouring kiss, taking control, and she squirmed under me, fighting my hold.

“Stop…I’ll ravage you, or I will slowly consume you, piece by delicious piece, but I will decide which it will be, now behave.”

I heard her gasp, and sensed a slight tremble.

“Do you understand?”

“I d-do, I’m just…f-feeling so m-much, you t-turn me on so m-much.”

Are there any words that can send a pulsing hunger through a man more than those? Certainly not this man, and I heard myself growl as I buried my lips against her neck, my cock pressing urgently against my trousers.

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