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In keeping with the theme of this week’s bloghop, I return to the first book of the Cowboys After Dark series.


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(Excerpt Edited To Fit The Seven Paragraph Parameter)

Face flushed, holding her stinging cheeks, Cassie watched him stride away, then began sweeping up the pellets, disposing of them in the manure dumpster behind the barn. It was a long, tedious job, and when she finally made it home, fully expecting to receive another lecture and more spanking, she was shocked when he handed her a pad of paper and a pen.

“Go into my office and write out ‘I will follow the rules,’ one hundred times. Don’t come out until you’re finished.”

It had been an effective punishment, and she didn’t swear she’d never lift a heavy bag of feed again because she didn’t have to, they both knew she wouldn’t, and whether Cassie had been aware of it or not Chad had an inkling the entire episode had been more of a test of his will than anything else.

The weeks slipped by and the Christmas season was upon them. The white stuff fluttered from the sky coating the ranch and transforming the landscape into the cliché of a winter wonderland.

Hannah and Cassie had ventured out on a clear day to find the perfect tree, then sent Chad and Marty out to chop it down. When the men had returned and set it up in the living room the ranch had a tree decorating party, with Mandy and Jennifer tasked with creating the champagne punch and the eggnog, and Hannah and Cassie cooking the nibbles.

It had been decided that on Christmas Eve the residents of Horse Haven would celebrate privately, whether that meant staying on the ranch, or going out to celebrate with friends and family, but on Christmas Day anyone who wished to attend was invited to Chad’s house for Christmas dinner. As Chad stood at the head of the table getting ready to carve the turkey, Mickey barking to hurry him along, he paused and looked across at the happy gathering. His heart was so swollen with joy he was almost speechless.

“Merry Christmas, and thank you for joining me. There are many gifts under that tree, but I have received more this year than any one man could ever wish for. Each of you has given me the gift of friendship, support and loyalty, and Cassie here, well, Cassie has given me the gift her love.”

Thanks so much for joining me, and I hope you have time to visit the other contributors to this weeks Sexy Saturday Holiday Hop.