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Can you believe it? Soon Santa will be climbing down your chimney.  Terrifying how fast the weeks tick by.  Here is a four book set of tantalizing tales to keep you hot on those cold winter nights, or perhaps a scandalous gift for a special someone. Regardless, here’s a snippet from one of them,


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A deeply romantic tale with a little bit of mysticism, plenty of spanking, salacious sex, and the deliciously satisfying outcome of an elusive love.

The first time they made love.

(Slightly edited to fit the 7 paragraph rule)

Moving on top of her he dropped his fingers between her legs, and feeling her warm, luscious dew he breathed in sharply.

“You’re so wonderfully wet,” he murmured, “so ready and wanting,” and moving his cock against her hungry pussy he paused for a moment, relishing the warm invitation, then pushed forward.

With slow, deliberate thrusts, his body resting upon hers, he luxuriated in her enveloping folds and the rubbing of her sharp nipples against his chest. He could feel her fingers clutching at his back, and as she urgently called out his name he accelerated, pumping her with abandon.

Lost in the emotion of their lovemaking, her hot bottom fueling her passion, she lifted her arms around his neck and began kissing him fervently, pressing her tongue between his teeth, dancing it against the roof of his mouth. Her passion spurred him forward, and feeling his moment surging he moved his mouth to her ear.

“Come for me,” he growled, “come for me hard.”

Squeezing her eyes shut she felt her body grow taut as the pending eruption hovered, and when the spasm broke, sending the tingling convulsions rippling through her body, she cried out her joy, lifting her pelvis in a demand for more.

Though his own moment had taken him he found himself mesmerized by her rapture, and gazing down at her beauty he felt his heart filled with an overwhelming joy. His cock was spewing but all he could focus on was her, and the intense love flooding his soul.


Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed the seven paragraph snippet.  There are many contributors in this week’s hop, hopefully you’ll have time to swing by and say hello to them.