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Below is a snippet from my recently released,


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In this sizzling romance, Beau Chapman, a hunky horse trainer who is also an experienced builder, crosses swords with Nicole Harris, a spoiled, wealthy heiress. Though Brittany was initially intrigued by his take-charge personality, she is truly shocked when Beau’s hot hand makes her heart race and her body tingle with excitement. Beau doesn’t take kindly to Nicole’s demanding behavior, but as the days tick by the tempestuous diva remains an absent but constant companion, her face in the forefront of his thoughts. When Cupid pulls back his bow he shoots his arrow straight and sure, and the electricity between Beau and Nicole crackles. Salacious sex, bondage, discipline and romance fills the pages of this torrid love story.

(Thoughts! What a marvelous subject for this week’s Sexy Saturday.  I love writing the thoughts of my characters, it opens them up, and offers a window into their feelings).


(Edited To Fit The Rules).

Pulling Pepper’s reins from the post he swung himself into the saddle, then shifting his horse next to Nicole’s, he reached across and took the lead rope.

“You’ve got your reins if you need them, but I’ll be leadin’ you along until you feel comfortable.”

“Like training wheels,” she sighed.

“Yep, like trainin’ wheels.”

As they headed off, Beau brought Nicole’s mare even closer to his horse’s side.

“You look good,” he grinned, and I sure wish I could think about somethin’ other than havin’ you naked in my bed.

“I feel amazing,” she exclaimed, and as much as I’m loving this, I can’t wait to be naked with you. I hope you don’t make me wait until tonight, I don’t think I could stand it.

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