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Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Here is an introduction to my brand new, sexy couple,

The Cowboy and the Girl In The Hot Pink Chaps


Here’s the blurb.

An unrequited love. An unexpected reunion.

Dot Anderson has been in crush with Matthew Montgomery since she was a skinny, awkward teenager saddled with braces, thick glasses, and short, mousey brown hair. Hanging around the cafe where he’d stop for coffee, she would pet his dog, Jinx, just to be near him, but time has passed, and the ugly duckling has blossomed into a swan. Dot has become Dusty, an enticing female with long flaxen hair and deep green eyes. After winning the divisional barrel racing finals, she bumps into the handsome cowboy. Her feelings are as strong as ever, but he doesn’t remember her, at least, not at first, which absolutely infuriates her.

As their crackling love affair evolves, so does a mystery involving Dusty’s champion steed. As Matt attempts to uncover the secret, he must deal with his growing attraction to the willful young woman, and protect her from the danger that lurks in the shadows. Spanking, bondage, graphic sex, and a sizzling chemistry scorch the pages of this deeply romantic tale.


Leaning forward, he wrapped his fingers around her long, silky hair, and moved his lips to her ear.

“I’m gonna kiss you, then I’m gonna hug you, then I’m gonna spank you,” he whispered. “You don’t have a problem with any of that, do you?”

It was a roll of the dice. If he’d guessed wrong, she could recoil, pull back and call him crazy, but if he’d guessed right, she would turn to melted butter.

“S-spank me?” she breathed.

“Yep, just a bit, for that tantrum you threw,” he said softly, silently saying a prayer of thanks that she was still sitting there and hadn’t slapped his face. “We’ve gotta start off on the right foot, and hissy fits, they don’t fly with me, and I’m gonna make that clear from the start.”

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