Hey folks, it’s been a while, happy to be back. This is the latest in my 12 books contemporary spanking cowboy romances. Hope you enjoy the snippet.

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Cathy Coleman has moved her horses into Sampson’s Boarding Stables, and has fallen madly in lust with Scott Sampson, but months have passed, and Scott hasn’t noticed her. Cathy is utterly exasperated.

Though Scott harbors a secret longing to take her into his arms, clutch her hair, and kiss her fervently, he refuses to break his golden rule. Don’t get involved with boarders, but when she causes him to have an accident, to her shock she finds herself in his office, over his lap, getting her bottom well and truly spanked.

The decadent moment opens the door and their love blossoms, but Cathy comes from a socially elite family, and when her mother finds out her only child is dating a cowboy, she is furious. Catherine is meant for a dignified man of stature and means!

Scott suddenly finds himself battling through a quagmire of evil manipulations, dished out by the over-protective woman. If you’ve enjoyed Maggie’s cowboy series thus far, you will love this one. Jump into the saddle and ride through the pages of this erotic, romantic, and suspenseful love story. Click the link today.


His washboard stomach sat below hard-cut pecs, his arms looked as if he could bench press a car, and as he slid off his jeans and boxers, her eyes fell to his swollen cock.
“It’s all for you, sugar,” he murmured, moving to stand by the bed, “but you’ve gotta make yourself naked for me.”
“How can you be so calm?” she whispered.
“Who said I was calm?”
“You seem like you are.”
“Believe me, I’m not calm, I’m controlled.”
“Oh, my gosh,” she stammered, his comment sending a rush through her entire body.
“I’m waitin’,”
Wordlessly, she hurriedly pulled the sweater over her head, then rolling on to her stomach, she looked over her shoulder at him.

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