An excerpt from the romantic, sexy and sensual novel:


Yes, Chad Douglas is Spanking Cowboy!

He’s also the most romantic dude you could ever hope to meet,

and super sexy, hunky and handsome!



“I’ll bet your little pussy would like some attention,” he said softly, sliding his fingers between her legs. “Yep, you’re all wet and wantin’.”

“I am,” she purred, pressing her nakedness against him.

“You make me a real good dinner and Jumbo will pay it a visit later, a long, meaningful visit.”

“What would you like? Steak? Pasta? Whatever you want,” she squirmed.

“Hmmm, let me think,” he pondered, continuing to twirl his fingers against her hungry sex. “I want that real good beef stew, the one you make that has all the vegetables.”

“Done,” she promised, wriggling against his hand.


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