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Greetings, and thank you for dropping in.

Below is an excerpt from my latest novel, a true romance sprinkled with a little bit of magic.



“Because when you raced out of that restaurant I was absolutely panic-stricken,” he explained still trying to catch his breath, “and there was no way I was going to let you out of my sight until I’d straightened everything out. It’s not every day I spend $175 on a taxi to chase a girl believe me.”

“I don’t think it’s something you’d make a habit of,” she panted.

“The point is,” he continued, lowering his voice and locking her eyes, “that whole, ugly scene made me realize just how much you mean to me. It brought home how much I love you. Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to recognize the truth of something.”

Beth felt the threat of warm tears, and as they materialized at the edges of her eyes she raised her lips to his, kissing him softly, then dropped her head back and gazed into the depth of his eyes.

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