Good To Be Back With You All


This week I’m sharing a sexy snippet from my just released cowboy romance

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Ripping off his robe he fell beside her, lowering his mouth to her breasts, sucking hungrily as he squeezed and caressed.

“Luke, I’ve thought about this so many times,” she moaned, and lifting her body to meet his tongue as he moved down her stomach, she gasped with every inch he journeyed until he landed between her legs, eliciting a squeal of delight.

Recalling his fantasy he moved his hands under her spanked cheeks, and feeling the heat he’d just delivered sent his engorged cock pulsing as it pressed against her leg.

“Luke, please, please, make love to me,” she groaned.

Her yearning plea was too tempting to ignore, and sliding up the length of her body he allowed his cock to slither through her slick wetness.

“Tess,” he groaned, “you feel…” but he let his voice trail off, unable to find the words that could describe the extraordinary rush of physical and emotional joy.

His thrusts were slow and deliberate, his whispered words and roaming hands seeking out the body he’d dreamed of every cruel night he’d been locked up.

I hope you enjoyed this tantalizing taste of true love between this unjustly convicted cowboy and his lady-love, and you have time to visit the other authors who have participated in this weeks hop, for some more wicked, sexy fun.