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“Hey,” he said tenderly, “this is all gonna work itself out,” and moving Ghost close to Dusty, holding his reins in one hand, he brought the other to the back of her head, and leaning across the narrow space between them he brought his lips to hers.

The lingering, loving kiss enveloped Tess in a tingling warmth, and as their mouths mingled longingly, their tongues lightly touched, sending her pulse racing and her butterflies fluttering. His lips were full and moist, his hand on the back of her head firm and sure, and when he pressed with greater fervor, his mouth suddenly demanding, she moaned as an aching need surged through her sex.

Breaking away he sighed heavily, still clutching her neck.

“Tess,” he breathed.

The intense blaze in his eyes, the grip of his hand, the sparkling passion he was radiating, relayed the truth in his soul, and with her heart thundering she whispered,

“Me too.”


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