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Welcome to My Sexy Saturday for September 27, 2014

This week I’m delighted to bring you a snippet from my new book,


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Release date 10/10/2014



Duncan Rhys-Davies is an eminent British barrister, but he has secret life outside his practice, and another, completely covert vocation.

Duncan is a lifestyle Dominant, and an author of BDSM Romance Novels under the alias A.S. Cane.

He writes his books after particularly difficult trials, and does so by taking long ocean voyages away from the hustle and bustle of his every day life. He has had a few shipboard dalliances, but when he meets Brittany Carter, a spoiled, southern belle, he finds himself caught up in a whirlwind romance that catches him off guard. His heart becomes captive to the mischievous young woman, and he has to struggle to keep his head.

Brittany, while giving The Strict British Barrister a run for his money, discovers she has an intense attraction to him, which ultimately causes her to discover the word Strict, truly defines him.

(This book contains scenes of bondage, spanking and various elements of BDSM).


(Slightly edited into seven sentences)

As they entered the elevator she willed her heart to calm itself; she was standing next to him in the tiny space and the subtle scent of his masculine cologne was teasing her nostrils. The aroma was muted, it smelled expensive, and she could detect subdued hints of cedar and pine. 

Lifting her eyes she risked a sideways glance; he was looking right at her, a half-smile on his thick, luscious lips.

Smile you fool, smile back at him.  

Her stomach did an unexpected somersault, and she was horrified when she felt the telltale heat spread across her face.  She’d only experienced a somersault once, when she was fifteen and the quarterback from the high-school football team had pulled her under the bleachers and kissed her, really kissed her, but that hadn’t been exactly a somersault, that had been more like a tumbleweed caught in a breeze.

Duncan’s eyes were blue with astonishing brown flecks, and long dark lashes framed their inviting stare, but using immense concentration she was able to move her lips to return the smile, then dropping her eyes away she managed a covert glance at his left hand.

No ring, no suntan mark either, and he’s traveling alone; this just gets better and better. 

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