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When I started this blog, it was to share my thoughts and feelings as a submissive, to pen poetry, to wonder out loud, and to explore the pleasure and pain of the D/s life with others.

As my books evolved, the blog slowly began to change, and when I rolled the dice and decided to become a full-time author, I suddenly had very little time to write posts. Then, as the months passed, my novels shanghaied the pages.

After this website was born, as much as I love it, I discovered my brain couldn’t wrap itself around the new look when it came to writing personal posts, so my little goose was well and truly cooked.


My webmaster has created this special look just for this page so I can get back to the reason I started this blog in the first place. I will still post my books here, but I am returning to my roots. I feel I’ve let down those of you who chose to follow me to share those intimate moments, and if you’re still here, thank you! I hope you’ll forgive me for allowing myself to be pulled off course.

I chose the image I did, because after two years of making a living as an indie writer, I have learned it is rather like walking through shark-infested waters that have miraculously parted and allowed me to enter.

If a book slips through the cracks (for reasons unknown) it feels like standing up on the surfboard, and abruptly being unceremoniously dumped into turbulent waters. Is survival possible? Have I surfed my last wave?

I am deeply grateful not to have been eaten by a great white (though I’ve had a few narrow escapes) and thankful that the sand still feels silky beneath my feet. Sure, I stub my toe on a few rocks once and a while, and often wonder from where my next ice-cream might be coming, but the seas continue to part for me.

Of course, they part for me for one reason only. You. The reader. Thank you.

I hope you’ll stay tuned. I have a backlog of posts swimming around my head, and they will be appearing on these pages very soon.

With much gratitude, Maggie.