All novels are HEA and standalone. No Cliffhangers.


What is it about these muscled men in their cowboy hats, jeans, and boots, that makes us melt? Oh, wait! I think that’s it. Muscles, cowboy hats, jeans and boots! Duh! Some cowboys ooze Southern charm with a twinkle in their eye that says they know things you don’t, others carry their hefty saddle around like it weighs an ounce, reminding you he can lift you off your feet at any time with just one arm. Then there are those like the heroes of my books. Horse handlers who won’t hesitate to yank a stubborn girl over his knee, and let’s be honest, sometimes we stubborn girls are stubborn because we know that’s where we’ll end up! (Ssh, don’t let them find out!) Cowboys have a way with words, and why do so many of them have a crooked smile that make our knees weak? I don’t know, and I don’t need to know. Cowboys, with their ropes, their crops, their grit, and their down-home common sense, have their own brand of animal magnetism that defies explanation.


We all carry fantasies about the qualities we seek in a romantic Dominant, but don’t we all quiver at even the mere thought of, the look? That unspoken message across a crowded room? I find it so tantalizing, I wrote a post about it. Dominants are a special breed, a rare breed. They are confident, and that confidence might be sprinkled with a dash of arrogance, but that’s forgivable when they wrap us up in their arms and smooth the wrinkles from our harried souls. Their strength comes from within, they have no need to gesticulate wildly, or shout, or constantly try prove themselves. They are comfortable in their own skin, and give us the freedom to be comfortable in ours. We can confide in them, knowing they won’t judge us, they understand when we need to be weak, and we know they won’t tip over when we lean on them. Dominants are a special breed, a rare breed, and I love them.


These are images that spring to mind when we think about the Victorian era, especially in Britain. The romances in my Victorian tales, take place at the end of the era. It was a time when the world was changing, but scandal could still ruin a family, and young ladies were required to behave in a particular manner. Some of the finest erotic literature was born during the extraordinary reign of Queen Victoria, and if you have an interest in the subject, I would invite you to visit my blog post. It must have been a strangely seductive time in which to live. It is well known that secret spanking societies were prevalent, and the very nature of the forbidden fruit, must have made illicit trysts even more tantalizing. It is that intrigue which I attempted to capture in these naughty Victorian romance novels.


Let your imagination soar. Anything can happen. Damsels can be wicked witches, or rascally royalty, and even willful warriors. Alpha males can wield their swords, and ride from kingdom to kingdom upon a mighty steed, whose gallop can make the ground shake. Spells can be cast, magic potions stirred in a cauldron. Mighty men can be trained in the dark arts of sensuous erotic Domination. Women can rule realms, alien creatures can threaten empires. Fall into the pages of the paranormal, live vicariously through the lives of alpha men and submissive women in lands free of the constraints of our society. Let your imagination soar. Anything can happen…and does!



Do you want to be seduced by a muscled, tattooed biker? A mafia Don? Maybe a kinky cowboy? Or would you prefer a Victorian gentleman? Perhaps an amorous alien or a brawny Viking warrior.

Whatever type of dreamy Dominant sparks your imagination, you can probably find him in this super-steamy, action-packed compilation, featuring the first few chapters from six of my bestsellers.

Caution: Like all my naughty novels, you will find devilishly decadent scenes featuring spanking and possibly some tantalizing BDSM.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…!

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