Surrendering to the loving, nurturing, control of a Dominant, can take many forms.  The D/s dynamic shared by two souls is an ever changing, evolving, living, breathing thing, and each relationship is different from any other, (as is true in the vanilla world).  So to criticize Shades of Grey, and suggest that the relationship between the Dominant and the submissive is flawed, or unbelievable, probably isn’t fair.  Still, it is how I see it.

In my humble opinion, the connection between the characters in 9-1/2 Weeks is far more indicative of a D/s affair, than Shades.  I worry that the enormous popularity of the book, sends to the world a mistaken identity – a mis-characterization – of the delicious dance between a Dominant and his submissive.

Secretary was compelling, and though it involved a Dominant who was commitment phobic, and a young woman who had psychological issues, at least its saving grace was the tremendous surrender displayed by both parties, at the end of the film.

Shades of Grey has no softness, or subtlety or warmth.  Just the sadistic cravings of what appears to be a sociopath, and the inability of a virginal lass who doesn’t see the dangers of being involved with a lunatic.  The fabulous scene in Weeds, offered more of a glimpse into D/s, than all the words written in this book

Many – perhaps most – may take exception to my views here.  But it’s personal, and I’m not a movie or book critic.  I am a submissive, who is in love with the joy of surrender, and the many wonderful ways that surrender is experienced.  To see it represented, in what I perceive is a perverted manner, is disappointing and quite tragic.

If you’ve read my posts, you know that it’s the romance of D/s that thrills me.  The unexpected invitation, the surprise telephone call, the constant fear, yet desire of discipline.  The soft, sensuous, scintillating sensations that a skilled Dominant can spark through my being.  Supplication is spicy sweet, and there is nothing I have found that is comparable.  Nothing that can stop time, nothing that can eliminate stress, nothing that can block out the world, nothing sends erotic heat through my core, like the blindfold wrapping around my eyes, or the hot hands slapping my skin, or the powerful  sweetness of a Dominant’s arms.

There are many books, well written books, that explore and reveal this beauty. 

When will the world embrace the light D/s has to offer?