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Welcome to the unveiling of my new cowboy romance, full of all kinds of naughtiness, courtesy of Nicole Harris, an heiress used to getting her way.  As we know, cowboys don’t take kindly to haughty little girls.

Set Up

“This is what I’d suggest,” he drawled. “You find yourself a builder who doesn’t mind bein’ spoken to like a lackey, and who isn’t particular about bein’ called by their name, and I’ll bet the two of you will get along just fine, but me, I’m leavin’.”

In this sizzling romance, Beau Chapman, a hunky horse trainer who is also an experienced builder, crosses swords with Nicole Harris, a spoiled, wealthy heiress. It doesn’t take long for Beau to show her just how he feels about her arrogant attitude and foul mouth, and pulls her across his knee for a well-deserved spanking.

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(Slightly edited)

The kiss refused to die; his lips lingered, his tongue pushed between her teeth, and her muffled moans floated like a lullaby in the air, until breaking apart he grabbed her and held her tightly, relishing the feel of her breasts against his chest.

 “Fuck, Beau, that was-”

His hand landed on her bottom so fast and with such a sting she was momentarily paralyzed, the thin cotton of her dress affording no protection; she stood motionless, living the startling reality, then with a consciousness of forethought she gripped the back of his jacket and readied herself.

“Fuck!” she repeated.

The second smack was harder, and landed directly on top of the first.


Moving his hand to her opposite cheek he dispatched a volley of three quick, sharp spanks, then yanking her head back he studied her face; her eyes were blazing and her face was bright red.

“Okay, Nickie, now you’re goin’ over my knee.”

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