So good to be back, though hiding in my writing cave with a new hunky warrior and a naughty young witch has been great fun.



Sliding two fingers into her depths, he moved them in and out, stopping every few strokes to touch the supersensitive button deep in her grotto.

“Oh, Sir, please,” she wailed, “I’m so sorry, please let me have my moment.”

“Absolutely not, you have been a disobedient, underhanded girl, and you shall be punished as such.”

With one hand pleasuring his cock, he used the other to grasp the end of the phallus, and began to pump the wooden intruder, slowly pulling it out, then pushing it back in, stopping every few seconds to swat her backside with hard, hot smacks.

“Sir, I have to come, I have to,” she howled.

“The way you had to get those boys drunk today, so you could ride your mare improperly?” he scolded, slapping the backs of her thighs to underscore his reprimand.

His cock was reaching its bursting point, and taking hold of the phallus he slowly withdrew it, then stared down at her dark, open hole. The tingling lotion would be subsiding, and the intense stimulant would give him a powerful orgasm, so spreading her cheeks he thrust forward, fucking her lustily.

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