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Hello and welcome.  Nice to be back among all my fellow spankers and spankees!  Please find below a snippet of my brand new release,


A romantic tale with a little bit of mysticism, plenty of spanking, salacious sex, and the deliciously satisfying outcome of an elusive love.


      From day one he’d not wasted any time on niceties or formality, baring her bottom immediately upon landing across his lap.

      “It’s time for you to grow up about these things,” he said sternly, slapping down his hand with significant force. “You have wasted far too much time.”

      Spanking with abandon his palm rose and fell in a predictable rhythm, quickly transforming her pale skin to a deep shade of rose.

      “Owww, Fred, stop, you’re spanking me really hard,” she complained, wriggling desperately.

      “You think I don’t know that?” he said tersely, “I’m spanking you hard because I’ve been hearing about this unrequited love for months,” he continued, his hand not missing a beat, “and it’s enough. Either make a move and do something about this nonsense, or let it go.”

I hope you enjoyed this tasty little snippet, and have the time to swing my the other sexy, saucy authors on this Saturday’s hop.

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