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Hello everyone, and welcome.  I’m so pleased to offer my snippet for the week from


From his own words, long-time friend and Dominant, James Collier, shares his jaunts and jousts in the D/s world, along with his thoughts and insights.  There is so much from which to choose this is difficult, but I’ll do my best.

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Having been asked by his submissive to take her in hand should she buy cigarettes, James does just that!  I’m sure if it were me, any temptation would be quickly extinguished after this short, wicked punishment.

Having learned that the gummy whip needs little force to make its impact, I raised it a short distance from her cheek, then dispatched the two strikes in quick succession, the second slightly below the first. She howled into the pillow, then jumped up and furiously rubbed at the red stripes.

“Fuck, that hurts, fuck, fuck.”

I was about to reprimand her but thought better of it, and moving to the opposite side of the bed I waited for her to compose herself and bend back down, but she was taking too long.

“Return to your position,” I demanded, “and keep those fingers locked.”

Muttering under her breath she did as I instructed, and laying the gummy whip against the virgin cheek, I teased for a moment before delivering the same two flicks, one after the other.

“Ooh, shit,” she wailed, “that stings like crazy. Please, no more, no more!”

“I told you, two on each side. Stay as you are.”

Hope you enjoyed this naughty little whipping, (well, as much as one can enjoy a naughty little whipping) and have time to swing by the other contributors to this week’s bloghop.