Hello My Fellow Kinksters

Welcome to this Saturday’s Spanky Event.

This week I’m delighted to bring you a snippet from

Chad and Cassie’s latest adventure:


RELEASE: 10/18/2014


Chad, Sassy Cassie and Mickey are back!

     Sassy Cassie has decided that Chad’s life is too hectic and she’s determined to change things, but she is quickly reminded that while her romantic, loving cowboy is completely crazy about her, he won’t hesitate to rein her in with a trip over his knee.  As feisty as ever, not only does she push for change, she is struck with an idea, a surprise of mammoth proportions, but to make that surprise a reality she has to bend his rules into a pretzel!

“This should make things a tad uncomfortable for the rest of the drive,” he announced, slapping his hand down with gusto.

“OW, OW, OW,” she howled, squirming on his thigh.

“You yell all you want,” he said not missing a beat, “you know you’re gettin’ exactly what you asked for.”

“I-OW-I didn’t mean-OW-OW.”

“You didn’t mean to challenge me, you didn’t mean to try to outfox me, you didn’t mean to be totally willful?”

“I did, I did, and I’m sorry!”

“Of course you are, and now things are good, right?” he asked pausing his hand.

“Yes, Sir, yes, things are good,” she gasped, “yes, good.”

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