Hello My Fellow Kinksters

Welcome to this Saturdays Spanky Event.

This week I’m delighted to bring you a follow-up snippet from my new book,




“When Bratty Brittany comes out to play, it’s her bottom that’s going to pay.”

Duncan Rhys-Davies is an eminent British barrister, but he has a secret life outside his office, and another, completely covert vocation. Duncan is a lifestyle Dominant, and an author of BDSM romance novels under the alias, A.S. Cane. Though he writes his books late at night, he finishes them by taking long ocean voyages away from the hustle and bustle of his everyday life.

He has had a few shipboard escapades, but when he meets Brittany Carter, a spoiled, southern belle, he finds himself caught up in a whirlwind romance. His heart becomes captive to the mischievous young woman, and he struggles to make sense of the sudden and intense attraction.

Brittany finds the confident, handsome British gentleman mysterious and irresistible, and constantly fantasizes about him. Though outwardly reserved she has a wicked side, and quickly discovers Duncan has his own, unique way of dealing with a difficult diva.


“Right there,” he said sharply, and lifting her skirt he laid it over her back, and immediately began to slap her perfectly positioned posterior.

He hadn’t hesitated for a second; he hadn’t warned her he was about to begin, he hadn’t added any additional reprimand, he hadn’t run his palm over her naked skin, he’d just started to spank, and spank hard.

Repeatedly his hand fell, the smacks falling in no particular rhythm. He’d land a volley of rapid-fire swats, then slow, hard slaps, then whisk his hand up against the base of her seat.

She gasped and wriggled and begged him to stop, but he ignored her, never showing her any response by word or deed, and holding the rod proved to be far more potent than simply having her wrists tied.

It not only prevented her from putting her hands behind her, she could find no support from the legs of the chair, just as she couldn’t when she was trying to get into position.

His hot hand was relentless, peppering her bottom, and no matter how much she squirmed to avoid the scalding slaps, he seemed to be able to hold her in place effortlessly.

I can’t take much more, I can’t. Should I say it, should I bail, no, I don’t want to, but this is hurting so much. How long has he been spanking me, it feels like forever.

I hope you enjoyed this follow-up to last weeks snippet, and I hope you’ll have time to click on the link, and visit my other friends who have added their contribution to this week’s hop.