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PetPrincesseBook-11 copy


In this romantic BDSM fairy tale, an elite warrior delivers lustful spankings to the deserving bottom of his pampered Princess, while tantalizingly teaching her the joys of the flesh. Princess Lizbett learns that while punishment can be painful, the rewards of surrendering to the arms of a loving Dominant offers not just an ironic sense of freedom, but ultimate pleasure.

(Edited for brevity)

Continuing on from last weeks’ snippet…

“No, Sir, never,” she repeated, “I already-”

Before she could finish his hand began to rain its swats slowly and forcefully upon her upturned, naked cheeks. His rhythm was deliberate, his stinging palm landing blow after blow, covering every part of her backside. She wailed and wriggled but her gyrations were no match for his hold, and when his spanking traveled to the sweet crease where her thighs touched her bottom, her wailing turned to howls for mercy.

Pausing, he stared at her scorched, splotchy skin, and dropping his hand he searched out her breasts to tweak her nipples.

“Ooww, Sir, please, please, I beg you.”

He pinched again, harder.

“OW, OW! ”

“I’m not finished with your very bad bottom,” he growled, “but I will be shortly, then your bad breasts will be next.”

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