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It doesn’t take long for Dr. Daniel Dupont to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan for his new patient, the beautiful Lady Sybil Sinclair. The free-spirited daughter of the aristocracy has been drinking and partying too much while eating and sleeping too little, and in his best medical judgment what she needs is a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking.

Not only is Daniel a man who enjoys a challenge, he also finds the petulant young miss quite appealing, so he casts professional decorum aside and makes it clear to Sybil that if she wants him as her doctor, she will be expected to submit to the spanking she deserves. Sybil nervously agrees, and Daniel soon realizes that the appropriate course of treatment for her will require much more than just a properly reddened backside. What his headstrong patient needs is a man bold enough to take her in hand and dominate her completely.

Soon enough Sybil finds herself shamefully on display on the handsome doctor’s examination table, her well-spanked bare bottom fully exposed and her cheeks burning with humiliation as her temperature is taken the old-fashioned way. Daniel’s thorough exploration of her most intimate charms leaves her trembling with desire, and she begins to wonder if he might be the man she’s been hoping for.

As he gets to know her better, Daniel quickly recognizes that there is much more to Sybil than just a silly girl who likes to party, and his passion for her only grows deeper when he learns the truth about her past and the price she has had to pay to follow her dreams. But when it comes to light that the men Sybil works for are far more dangerous than either of them could have imagined, will Daniel be prepared to stay by her side no matter the risk?


“I know you have a fondness for leather, so I intend to deliver your first spanking with…”

“With what?” she asked, suddenly feeling a strange flip in her stomach.

Daniel had placed the implement out of sight down the side of a sofa cushion, and watching her eyes widen, he pushed his hand down, withdrew a short, fat, leather strap, and held it up dramatically.

“With this.”

“Sorry, but suddenly I can’t believe this is actually happening,” she stammered.

“That’s a natural reaction,” he said reassuringly as he rose to his feet. “Get on your knees on that armchair, place your hands on the arms and arch your back.”

Slowly rising to her feet she walked the few steps to the chair, and as she climbed up on the seat cushion and took up the position, he didn’t waste any time lifting her skirt above her waist. Her full round bottom was encased in red lace knickers, and he gazed at it fondly as he began to roam his hand across her seat.



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