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With the glamor and intrigue of show business as the backdrop, Disciplining the Director’s Daughter is a blazing story of a romantic seduction by a skilled Dominant, and the riveting submission of a young woman who pushes past her pride to surrender to the man who has stolen her heart.

Jessica Hartman is the indulged daughter of an Oscar-winning director, and having just graduated from an elite show biz college she is eager to start her career. On the last day of school she’s delighted to find Zach Taylor waiting for her. Zach is the head of Motion Picture Development for a successful production company, Titan Pictures, but Zach is more than a potential employer; he is a man for whom Jessica carries a flame. Hopeful he’s there to talk about a job, to her shock and utter embarrassment she discovers he has something else in mind.


“If I hire someone it will be because they’ve applied through the proper channels, passed my very taxing interview, and I think they’ll be right for whatever position it might be, not because their very important daddy made a phone call.”

“That’s not fair, and if you’re not here to offer me a job, why are you here?” she asked fishing out her keys from her oversized, grey leather, Prada handbag.

“I’m here to offer you a spanking,” he said coolly.

His unexpected statement completely rattled her, and to her horror she dropped her keys.

“Dammit! Now look what you’ve made me do!” she exclaimed completely flustered.

“I made you drop your keys?” he chuckled.

“Of course you did, with that ridiculous, uh-”

“Offer,” he said calmly

“Yes, offer,” she snapped feeling a dreadful red blush cross her face.



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