Another Saturday, Another Saturday Spanking Hop.

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Below please find an excerpt from my soon to be released spanking cowboy novel,



“Go and stand about three feet out, facing the wall over there,” he instructed, pointing to the open area behind the couch. “Lean on your hands waist-high, and arch your back.”

As he watched her take up the position he’d described, he knew the butterflies were fluttering in her stomach, he knew she was filled with a hot, nervous apprehension, and he knew he was about to do something she’d suddenly discovered she desperately wanted.

He was all too aware that many women carried the inherent desire to have their bottom warmed by a caring man, or to be tied and hungrily taken, devoured with an uninhibited passion, but for some the need didn’t surface until later in life. His Dominant instinct told him she wanted to be spanked very badly and had probably been thinking about little else since that first night at Tom’s Tavern.

Walking across to his buffet to select the right implement, resisting the temptation to use his hand, he impulsively changed his mind. It was too exquisite a moment; he had to feel it, he had use his palm, he had to fondle her flesh and experience the intimate connection his hand would deliver.

As he turned and moved towards her, his eyes feasting on the luscious sight, he knew he was crossing a line; this was personal, this was real, and he knew exactly where it could lead.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet, and have time to swing by the other participants for some more delicious decadence.

Have a spanking good weekend.