Saturday Spankings-467x200

Hello Fellow Kinksters

Please find below an excerpt from my latest release,



Sliding the wooden brush across her already tanned backside, he watched her wriggle in anticipation. She knew a stinging burn was coming, but he knew she wanted it, and though her butt would be on fire she’d feel a whole lot better when he was done.

Landing the first whack he paused, letting the hot prickling permeate the skin, then landed a second directly on top of the first. She yelped and kicked, and he waited until she’d settled before moving to the opposite side and repeating the double swats.

“OOWWW,” she wailed, “it really hurts.”

“Into the pillow,” he instructed ignoring her complaint

Landing two more, one on each cheek, he watched her gyrate in protest before dispatching the brush with a volley of swats.

Squealing into the pillow as the flurry of smacks worked their way across her bottom, she threw her hands behind her in a vain effort of protection.

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