Hello, fellow spankers and spankees. Good to be back here, and excited to post a snippet from the first book in my new series, WILD WEST COWBOYS, due for release 7/16. It’s still to be titled, but I’m hoping for, TUCKER’S JUSTICE. This isn’t the cover, but I do love the image.



Spring Junction, a once small peaceful town built around ranching, has been hit by the gold rush. Hardened criminals have arrived in droves, and two Irish brothers, murderous thugs, have taken control. Desperate to restore law and order, the town’s leading citizen, Duke Baker, has brought in guns-for-hire, but to no avail. Then he hears about Tucker Prescott, a cowboy who uses different methods.

His daughter, Dolores, otherwise known as Dolly, finds the tall, muscled, enigmatic cowboy, utterly captivating, and decides to make it her business to know him better, but their first meeting doesn’t go as planned. She discovers he’s a no-nonsense man who expects a young lady to behave in a particular manner.


Tucker was astonished at the girl’s pluck. Did she want him to spank her? He’d made his threat to many willful women in the past, and every one of them had backed down, except one, a mischievous minx he had delighted in spanking many times, but she had been very different to the young woman who was over his shoulder, who was kicking her feet, squealing in his ear, and pounding her fists on his back.
“Please,” she begged, as he started down the bank towards the water, “please don’t throw me in, please?”
He paused his step. Her plaintive plea sounded genuine. She may not care about having her bottom burned, but she sure didn’t want to go into the pond.



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