Saturday Spankings-467x200

So happy to be back here.

Just a hectic month finishing the above-mentioned naughty novel, and oh, how naughty it is.

Below please below the required eight sentences.



     “From now on the rules will be the rules, you break ‘em, you get your bottom spanked,” he exclaimed, “just the way things were when we first met, and when I say spanked, I mean spanked.”


  “Hey, rule number one, none of your sass,” he said firmly, “I’m gonna wallop you good and hard for bein’ so irresponsible the other night. I think you did it on purpose, not consciously maybe, but ‘cos you need me to do exactly what I’m doin’ right now.”

     Reaching for the paddle he brought it down with a hard swat on her right cheek, then her left, then directly in the center of her bottom.

     “OWWWW,” she wailed. “That really hurts!”

     “Yep,” he agreed, “as it damn well should.”

Thank you my spanker and spankee friends.  I hope the little snippet titillated you just a touch!  I hope you can stop by the other awesome authors on this week’s hop, and have a wickedly wanton weekend.