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This cute clip is from my just released novel, THE ROMANTIC DOMINANT.  Naughty young Abigail is being taught a lesson about honesty, safety and consideration.  (It is slightly edited from the book to fit into the 8 sentence guideline).

trailer copy

After removing her coat he immediately took her hand and strode through the room, yanking her over his knee as he settled on the arm of his large, sleek, leather couch.

“Oooooh,” she cried, “so soon?”

“From now on you’ll be upfront with the men you meet,” he scolded, pulling her red satin panties up into her crack and landing his hand with a series of hard swats on her right cheek.

“Yes!” she wailed, “yes, I swear.”

“And you’ll be careful about who you meet and where you meet them,” he continued, spanking her left cheek just as hard.

“Okay, I will, oooh, no more, please,” she howled, kicking and wriggling on his lap.

“Keep that up and I’ll get my paddle,” he announced, pausing for a moment, “then you’ll really have something to complain about, and just for the record, I’m also spanking you for keeping me waiting earlier.  You need to be more considerate,”

*           *             *             *              *           *             *             *

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