The definition from Webster’s Dictionary:

The complex emotional or psychological interaction between two people: ‘their affair was triggered by intense sexual chemistry.’

In other words ~~

An indescribable heat that bursts to life when two people find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other.

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Have you felt it? That unexplainable magnetic pull that jerks you forward, even though that person may not be your type, too old, too young, too whatever. A magic so strong it almost feels beyond your control.

Is that initial, blinding, something, that we call chemistry, the phenomenon known as Love At First Sight? Can you love someone you don’t know? Perhaps it’s a heavy case of lust, but many times that initial ignition of hot mutual desire grows into a relationship, and the phrase, ‘I loved you on sight,’ is inevitably murmured when the lights are low and a warm intimacy is cloaking the moment.

There’s a reason romance novels about Love At First Sight are so popular. Because it occurs. We know it does, and most of us have experienced it.

You’re in a crowded bar, you brush up against someone, he turns, your eyes meet, and you suddenly find yourself needing, almost craving the chance to talk to him. You meet someone at work, and when he shakes your hand a sizzle bolts through your body. As he talks it’s difficult to focus on his words, and as his lips move all you can think about is how it would feel to be kissed by them. To make things worse, you’re convinced you’re acting like an idiot. Cupid has pulled back his bow and released his arrow. Chemistry has struck.

There is no thought. It is utterly visceral, and as the physical relationship develops, his touch, wherever it lands, sends a wave of feeling through your entire being.

Do our bodies know something our brain does not, is it the other way around, or do we possess another kind of sense, a sense science has yet to recognize and define?

It has been suggested that certain experiences in childhood can leave an emotional sexual imprint. A scent, curly dark hair, green eyes, just about anything, and the instant attraction is sparked by a subconscious recall. This is just one of many theories I uncovered in my research. I truly wanted to find the answer to the question posed above. Sexual Chemistry: What The Devil Is It?

Perhaps we’re not supposed to know. Perhaps chemistry is a mystery because that is nature’s intent. As a species we are curious, we want to know, we need to know. We analyze, we dissect, we research, we demand answers, but do we need to know how the watch works in order for it to tell us the time? Must we know the how and the why?

If we fall under that mystical, magical,  a m a z i n g  spell, is the wisest path simply to surrender? There may be prevailing circumstances, but it is so rare, dare we turn our backs, even if we can?

When describing BDSM I have always said, there is no greater freedom than giving up control. Maybe the same is true of Love At First Sight. The caveat?  Be sure to buckle your seat belt and take long deep breaths. It’s usually a wild ride.