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My humble contribution to this fabulous, fun, sexy hop, is an excerpt from


Release Date: September 6.

Part of the

School’s in Session box set,

along with books by

Dinah McLeod, Celeste Jones, Renee Rose and Kate Richards.

Isobel Parker believes she has neither the talent or education to write a full length novel, and to improve her skills she enrolls in an after hours creative writing course.

On the first night, excited and enthusiastic, she walks into the classroom and is shocked to see the hero of every short story she’s ever written. He is tall, wide-shouldered, with black hair and sizzling blue eyes; his name is Patrick Doyle and she is hooked.

Captivated by the bulging muscles threatening to break through the thin white cotton sleeves of his shirt, and the smattering of chest hair peeking across the open collar, she finds it impossible to concentrate.  As the classes continue her sleepless nights become filled with dark fantasies in which he is the star, and when he instructs his students to write a short story entitled, Three Dark Hours, Isobel jumps at the opportunity to put her lascivious fantasies on paper. 

As she finishes the erotic account of spanking and other wicked pursuits, she prays that when the handsome and enigmatic Mr. Doyle reads it, he will understand it’s actually a very special, very naughty invitation.

 TDHeBook-2 copy

Not only was Patrick captivated by her salacious story, his member was pressing urgently in his trousers, and any doubt he had about taking Isobel to his bed had been vanquished.  As he finished the last page he took a deep breath, exhaled dramatically, looked across at her and shook his head.

“You didn’t like it?” she asked fearfully.

“Oh, yes, I definitely liked it, very much.  I can honestly say it held my attention to the very last word.  As I told you last time we talked you are a talented writer, but Isobel, you are also a very naughty girl.”

The butterflies that had been fluttering around her stomach suddenly burst forth and tripled in number.

“I am?” she squeaked.

“You certainly are,” he smiled, “and you know it.  The question is, what am I going to do about it?”

Isobel was not the first student to have reached out to him through their work, but she was certainly the most brazen, and she’d made her dark desires shockingly clear.

“Give me an A?” she giggled, then blushed furiously at the facetious remark that had spilled from her lips. “Sorry,” she added quickly, “sometimes things come out of me before I have time to stop them.”

Rising from his chair he walked slowly towards her.  Her eyes were full of expectation, and as he neared he had to fight the desire to yank her to her feet, throw her across his desk, spank her soundly, and devour her body.

“You were right,” he said softly.

“What about?” she breathed, knowing he was about to say something that would completely take her breath way.

“Me,” he said simply.

Gulping, she stared up at him as he perched on the edge of her desk.

“I would love to indulge us both,” he began, “but you need to know the ground rules.”

Rules already?  Oh, my gosh, how great is this?

“Sure, of course,” she nodded, and if I break them will I be spanked?

“I’m a single guy and I like it that way.  Whatever we do there can be no strings.  No unannounced dropping by, or tearful goodbyes when things have run their course.  I don’t do drama, Isobel.  Can you live with that?”

Though his radiant blue eyes were compelling, and his manicured hands promised hours of prurient pleasure, she felt a distant, but distinct recoil.

He will absolutely break your heart.  You don’t know how to do casual, you never have.

“So, Isobel, can you?”

“Sure!” she declared. Shit. Did I just say that?

“In that case…” he breathed.

As he rose to his feet he reached down, grabbed her arm and pulled her from her seat.

“You really are a very bad girl for handing in such a licentious piece of work.  If I’d decided to read that during class I would have had a very hard time.”

“That was kind of the point,” she giggled, “making things hard for you.  I’m surprised you’re not grateful!”

“You really want to be spanked, don’t you?” he wickedly grinned.

“Kind of,” she squeaked.

His firm grip on her arm was sending a hot wave of need through her sex, and as he led her to his desk a quiver bristled down her spine.

“Elbows down,” he said firmly, “and arch your back.”

Grateful she’d decided to wear a skirt rather than slacks, tremulously she bent forward, closing her eyes as the exquisite feelings began to sweep over her.

God I love this, I love this so much.  There must be something seriously wrong with me! I can’t believe this is happening. Oh, my, God, I’m about to be spanked.

Patrick wasted no time, dropping his hand in a flurry of quick sharp smacks, eliciting just as many gasps of surprise, then flipping up her skirt up he stared for a moment at her cute French cut black panties before dispatching them down her legs.

“Lovely,” he murmured smiling at the slightly pink, round backside waiting for more.

“Th-thank you,” she managed.

Breathless and overcome Isobel was lost in the moment. She had just been spanked for the very first time by her handsome teacher, the hero of her fantasies, and she was convinced she would faint from the sheer excitement of it all.

“Patrick, this is amazing,” she whimpered dropping her head into her hands.

Without responding he traced his fingertips lightly across the width of her bottom, drawing forth a wriggle, then flattening his palm he began to deliver slow, sound smacks.  It didn’t take long for the squirming to start, and as he increased the zing her gyrations were joined by utterances of pain.

“I’m sorry,” she bleated gasping between the words as his hand fell.  “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, I thought you’d be reading the stories at home!”

Her apology brought a respite, and he smoothed his hand across her glowing moons.

“I don’t believe that for a second,” he scolded. “The intent of handing me that story was to turn me on, and it never even occurred to you when I might read it.  Correct?”

“Yes, correct,” she admitted.

“You should have waited until after class to give me something so salacious,” he said sternly, “and besides your general lack of focus, that, Isobel Parker, is why I’m going to make your bottom very red.”

His threat sent fresh heat swarming through her sex, and as the spanking resumed she rubbed her thighs together chasing the elusive pleasure.

“No, no, young lady, you get those legs apart,” he growled dropping his hand to slap the backs of her thighs.

“OW, sorry,” she wailed hurriedly shuffling her feet.

“Don’t try that again,” he ordered bringing his hand back to her crimson cheeks without skipping a beat.

“I won’t,” she promised, “please, no more. I’ll behave, I’ll be so good, I’ll pay attention every second, I swear!”

His member almost bursting he hastily unzipped his fly, cursing himself for not having a condom in his pocket.

“Fingers on your cunt,” he said huskily, “let me see your climax.”

Wailing a grateful cry she dropped her fingers against her sex, searching out her clit, rubbing furiously. She could feel her orgasm looming, and as it washed over her she cried out her joy just as his hot cream squirted across her seared bottom.

“Stay there,” he said breathlessly.

Grateful that he had his gym bag he hurriedly retrieved a towel, wiped himself, then carried it back to her.

“I think you’re going to have quite a tender backside tomorrow,” he smiled as he cleared away the evidence of his attention and pulled up her panties. “On Wednesday night you’re to wear something underneath your dress to match the story you wrote.”

“I will,” she panted, still trying to recover from startling experience and her jolting climax.

“No, no, Isobel, try that again,” he murmured leaning over her and kissing ear. “I think it’s time you started using the ‘s’ word.”

“Yes, Sir,” she smiled.

“There you go, much better,” he whispered. “Grab your stuff and I’ll walk you out.”

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