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The Alien’s Rules

After several months of exceptionally vivid and salacious dreams starring a mysterious stranger who punishes and pleasures her, Ellie wakes to find herself lying naked on a table in an odd, purple-lit room. The man who looms over her is devastatingly handsome, but definitely not human.

Introducing himself as Valodar, he gently explains he is an alien from another world and has been visiting Ellie in what he calls the dreamscape. Certain she is the perfect woman for him, and wanting her to experience life as his mate, he invites her to stay, but he makes it clear that she will have to submit to him completely.

Though he warns she will be thoroughly spanked for any disobedience, Valodar’s compelling presence leaves her yearning for his touch, and she cannot resist his offer. She quickly discovers he possesses unique physical traits, and he sends her tumbling into one shattering climax after another, claiming her more thoroughly than she would have ever thought possible.

But even as love begins to blossom between the dominant alien and the feisty human female, Earth suddenly falls under threat from a cunning and ruthless alien race. Valodar insists she leave the matter in his hands, but can Ellie sit idly by while her world is in peril?

Publisher’s Note: The Alien’s Rules includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Novels are STANDALONE and HEA (Happily Ever After). No Cliffhangers.