Used wisely, Anticipation is one of the most powerful tools in the Dominant’s arsenal.

It’s late afternoon and you are busy working.  People are bustling about, the wheels of industry turning.  There are emails to read and  respond to, people you have yet to call.  The phone rings, and for the umpteenth time that day, you answer it.


It’s your Dominant.

“There’s a package waiting for you on the bed,” he says, that all too familiar edge to his voice.

The edge that stops you breathing, that sends a hot chill down your spine, landing directly between your legs.

Instantly your pulse quickens and you look anxiously around your workplace.  Can anyone tell that your pretty pink panties have suddenly fallen damp?

“Yes, sir,” you squeak, praying you don’t have to raise your voice to be heard.

“Be home before 5.”

The line goes dead.

The box could contain any number of things.  Lingerie, shackles, a paddle.  Or simply an envelope with instructions about what you must be wearing when he walks in the door.  For the entire rest of the day, there is no focus on your work.

You stare at the screen of your computer, seeing nothing but a blur of colors.  The phone rings and you are on automatic pilot as you answer the call.  The only real thought, the only cynosure is 5 pm.  And what happens after 5 pm.

Your mind wanders constantly.  Will you be sitting comfortably the next day, or squirming, secretly enjoying the reminder of his hot hand as it slapped your ass?  Will he tie you with the new shackles waiting in the box, and tease you mercilessly, until you are convinced you will burst if you are not granted release?

So it goes on, the hours before you leave, filled with thoughts of your Dominant.  What he might have in store, followed by musings about how you, his sweet submissive, might please him.

The anticipation creates the Domination long before the submissive finds herself kneeling.  Long before the Master is running his fingers down her arm, as she stands, blindfolded, tingling with — Anticipation.

Anticipation can turn the Dominant’s art into a Masterpiece, painting pictures that long will linger in his supplicant’s mind.