Written in response to several emails I have received of late –

He Is Perfect!

He knows me so well –

– that secret place, touched just so,  that makes me gasp

– the way he shackles my wrists – slowly, deliberately

– for how long I should be left – panting – waiting – craving

– his hot hands, slapping so expertly

His kiss – demanding – soft – teasing – gentle –

He Is Perfect

No he is not.

But I expect him to be.  After all, he is my Dominant.  He pulls the strings – he must be perfect.

Such a burden he carries.

My Dominant is a human being, with flaws and fears and insecurities – with hopes having been dashed and triumphs realized.  He is my Superhero, but on those occasions when he lets me down, when he forgets a promise or spanks me too hard, or not hard enough, or suddenly, unexpectedly exposes a weakness – a frailty – I am reminded he is just like me.  Human.

Loving and serving is forgiving and supporting.  These must be part of the submissive job title.  No matter his prowess, his knowledge, his success – we must never forget he is human and all humans have their bad days and make their share of mistakes.

Those are the days – above all others – that offer you the opportunity to shine.