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The Strict British Barrister

Book One & Two


Decadent Discipline on the High Seas!

Hoping for a wild romance, sexy southern belle Brittany Carter has booked herself on a luxury South Seas cruise.

From the moment she lays eyes on Duncan Rhys-Davies, she finds the British gentleman mysterious and irresistible, but to her dismay, days go by and their paths don’t cross. Frustrated and wanting to know more about him she sneaks into his cabin.

To her surprise and delight, she discovers a naughty novel.

She picks it up.

Just as he walks through the door.

Duncan Rhys-Davies is shocked, but he’s also intrigued. The young woman’s brazenness holds a certain, wicked appeal. Though an eminent British barrister, he is also an author of discipline laced romance novels under the name, A.S. Cane, and if anyone needs a trip over his knee, it’s the beautiful intruder.

He offers her the obvious choice.

Agree to a spanking or he’ll notify the ship’s security office.

Though utterly mortified and deeply embarrassed she has no option.

He delivers the humiliating punishment. Red-faced and properly punished, she hurries back to her cabin. But as the hours pass, she wants more.

Duncan is a confirmed bachelor…so why does the thought of her with another man bother him so much?


Lascivious Lessons Learned in London

Brittany is giddy with excitement. After a sizzling shipboard romance, her oh-so-proper and very strict British barrister, Duncan Rhys-Davies, has invited her to accompany him back to London for a week of fun and frivolity.

Duncan is not in the habit of asking young women he’s just met to join him at his London home, but Brittany has captured his imagination…and he has exotic, erotic plans in store for the minx who broke into his stateroom. He’ll be taking her Andover Abbey, a private, elegant BDSM club housed in a spectacular country manor.

But once again, Brittany’s impulsive nature causes trouble.

Duncan suddenly finds his peaceful existence exploding in ways he never could have imagined.

If you enjoy holiday romance, decadent passion, and an alpha male with a firm hand, you’ll love these books. Fall under the sexy spell of The Strict British Barrister.

Publisher’s Note: Formerly released under the name WET & WET 2, this is a two-book set with no cliffhangers and a very special HEA.