Warlock: His Coven. His Magic. His Soulmate

Blazing Romance Suspense Book 4

For a warlock living in the world as a human, love can be complicated.

Warlock leader Laszio Grigore has a problem. He has met a spunky young woman with auburn hair and violet eyes, and though he aches to be with her, an ancient pact forbids him from sharing his bed with humans.

Vanya Delany is normally immune to the charm of handsome men, but sitting at a restaurant bar she finds herself melting under the gaze of the owner, a gorgeous man with shimmering dark hair and mesmerizing chocolate eyes. When he offers to walk her home she cannot refuse, and by the time they reach her door the energy between them is crackling.

When Kalick, a demonic warlock and Laszlo’s arch-enemy, attempts to kidnap her. Laszlo sweeps in to save her. With ancient rules broken, he’s finally able to give into his lust.

But even as Vanya surrenders to his decadent take-charge love, danger lurks in the shadows.

The past and the present collide. Good clashes with evil and innocent lives are in peril. Can Laszio keep Vanya and his coven safe? Will their eternal love survive?

Lose yourself in a world of witches and warlocks, demons and angels, and a riveting romance that has endured through time. 

Publisher’s Note: Novels are STANDALONE and HEA (Happily Ever After). No Cliffhangers.