Such a great name for a blog hop, and keeping with the theme please find a (somewhat) naughty excerpt from my latest release, which I hope reflects the sweet romance of this story.



A Romantic Tale

(but with spanking and all kinds of naughtiness).

 In the Plow and Angel Beth was finishing her meal, treating herself to a truly sinful dessert; a Grand Marnier Souffle with Passionate Fruit Creme Anglaise, and with every mouthful she closed her eyes, savoring the rich, creamy, luscious flavors.

I wish someone was spoon-feeding me this. Mmmm, if I was tied to a bed and blindfolded, how totally scrumptious that would be, and once again the words of a sensuous paragraph began to write themselves in her head.

Her bottom, still deliciously warm from his spanking hand, her cunt filled with a wet hunger, the shackles that held her wrists to the headboard, and the blindfold that had stolen her sight, only served to fuel her carnal need. As he touched the spoon to her mouth her heart palpitated with anticipation, but the ambrosial aroma fired her senses eliminating all concern, and hungrily her lips parted, inviting the unknown dessert to enter.

So focused was she on her fantasy and the satisfyingly succulent dessert, she didn’t see Michael wander past the open entrance as he searched out the bathrooms; she didn’t see him abruptly stop and stare across the room; she didn’t see him gaze in shock at the sight of her, then focus on the expression of sublime bliss that was painted across her face.

A waiter hurried past jolting him from the mesmerizing moment, and completely unnerved Michael moved on to the restroom.

What the hell? Where did she come from? This is completely bizarre.
Get a grip! Go back and say hello! Hector was right.
She’s probably with someone.
Did you see anyone?
It doesn’t matter. Say hello.
You’re right.

Taking a long deep breath he checked his appearance, then pushing open the bathroom door he headed back to the restaurant. For a brief moment he thought she must have stepped away, but as he approached her table she saw the waiter’s wallet.

Life is a matter of seconds.

He wasn’t sure where he’d heard the adage but it flashed through his mind, and running outside he scanned the parking lot hoping to catch her; it was empty. Jogging forward he peered into the grounds, but the heavy fog eliminated any visibility past a few yards.

You absolutely must track her down next week.
Oh, I will, trust me, I will.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you’ll swing by and visit the other authors participating.  I’m sure you’ll find some very saucy snippets.