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This is the cover of the first book,

The Cowboy’s Rules: Book One

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Sassy Cassie and Chad Douglas are back, and in the opening pages we find Cassie is disgruntled, upset that Chad has been too busy to pay her the kind of attention she wants. 

Let us not forget that this extremely talented show jumper is a spoiled miscreant, and Chad felt compelled to put her over his knee the first day they met.  That was almost a year before, and while much has changed, Cassie can still be petulant and difficult.

To her shock he suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her with him to the bed, yanking her over his knee as he sat down.

“Whoa,” she protested, “I was just telling how you I feel.”

“Yep, you were,” he agreed, pulling up the robe to expose her naked backside, “and now I know, and I appreciate that, and I’m gonna take care of those feelin’s right now.”

Cassie struggled in his hold, furious that she was about to be spanked, and thrilled that she was about to be spanked. No matter how much time passed the love/hate she had of his discipline continued to confuse her.

“Be still,” he said sternly. “I should never have stopped your maintenance, and I’m gonna bring it back startin’ this Saturday,” he exclaimed, and slapping his palm on her white cheek, a full hand, pink imprint sprang to life.


“Shush, you need this and we both know it,” he scolded.

Placing his leg over the backs of her calves he began spanking her with a steady, fast-paced rhythm.

“Stop it, dammit, stop, that hurts,” she wailed.

“It’s been far too long since I roasted your backside,” he declared pausing his hand, “but don’t you worry, I won’t make that mistake again.”

Resuming his work he increased the force of his slaps, smacking her with gusto, quickly bringing a bright red flush to her cheeks.

“Ooooh, Chad, you’re right, I was throwing a tantrum and I’m sorry,” she howled. “I just miss you.”

“This sore bottom will keep you company when you ride today, and tonight I wanna come home to a nice meal on the table, you got me? I’m tired of Hannah’s leftovers. I swear if she didn’t take mercy on us I don’t know what we’d be livin’ on.”

His hand had not stopped his work as he’d lectured her, and moving the discipline to the backs of her thighs he finished with a flourish.

“OWWWW, that’s really hurting,” she cried.

“Yep,” he exclaimed, “I meant it to, and now you’re done. You just get your breath a minute then you can come up here and get a cuddle.”

“Owwww,” she moaned, “please rub it.”

Moving his hand across her stinging thighs he almost felt sorry for her…almost.

“Come on up,” he said, pulling her to her feet and scooting them on to the bed. “You listen to me, Cassie,” he said softly, but with a firm edge to his voice, “next time you’re feelin’ unhappy you tell me. Don’t you wait a week and then have a tantrum, you hear?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whimpered. “You’re right, but I really do miss waking up to you.”

“I was just lettin’ you sleep, baby. I’d love to start my day with some lovin’. If you don’t mind wakin’ up that early I’m happy to oblige.”

“Yes, please,” she sighed, “I would.”

“I meant what I said, I’m gonna be spankin’ you every Saturday night, and you can expect it. You understand me?”

“Yes, Sir,” she murmured, pressing herself against his chest.




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