No official blurb has yet been written, but this book continues the saga of Princess Lizbett from the lustrous kingdom of Verdana, and her warrior husband, Lord Larian Lobergene. 

Larian is not just a warrior, he is a mighty Zanderonian warrior, and a Warrior of the First Order, the honor given to those who possess exceptional skill. 

Zanderonian warriors are trained over a long period of time, and are famous for their athletic prowess, their negotiating skills, and, perhaps even more notably, their love-making expertise. They are extremely affectionate and lovingly romantic, but they are also strict dominants, trained in the delicate art of chastisement and discipline.

The story re-introduces Zoltaire, Larian’s second-in-command, and a new character, Princess Fallon of Haldenstop, a unique young woman with special talents of her own.


As Larian began to weave his tapestry around Lizbett’s naked body, the skies opened with a cloudburst. The sound of the driving rain splattered against the leaded glass windows, and flashes of purple lightening washed her in its color, cloaking her in a wondrous aura. Larian was in awe of the mystical sight, and when he tied the last knot, he moved his naked body an inch from hers and pressed his lips to her ear.

“You are like a storm siren,” he whispered, “and I have captured you and tied you to my bed. I will cover your helpless body with my lips and tongue, I will tease the hidden valley between your legs until you are begging for my cock, then I will slowly release you and plunge it into your depths until you are crying out my name.”

“I already wish to cry out your name,” she bleated.

Lowering his tongue to her breasts he languidly sucked on each, then moved his fingers to feel the rope running between her sex lips. There was no slack in her bondage, no way for her to twist or wriggle, and as his fingers touched her and he lifted his head, she met his gaze with pleading eyes.

“Already I am so in need,” she whimpered. “Just the tips of your fingers is driving me mad.”

“Because you still have not learned patience,” he purred, lightly pinching the inside of her thighs. “This is training, this is important, this is what you need. Sink into the binds that hold you, become one with them, and you will find freedom in their imprisonment.”


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