Once upon a time there was a Prince                                         

A Prince from the Dark Side

A Prince who knew her

And in his knowing

Made her ache exquisitely

Unveiling her soul

Revealing to her own self – her true self

The Prince melted into her

And melted her

The Prince was mighty

His sword sliced through her

Taking her to euphoric heights

The Prince was tender

Warm wondrous whispers in the night

Calming her into luxurious slumbers


The Prince delivered painful pleasures

Pleasures she’d imagined – vaguely

Pleasures that numbed her mind                                                      

Thrilled her skin

Pleasures once shadowy wishes

Wishes no more

Blazing moments

Sun hot moments

Delivered by the Prince from the Dark Side

And she was alive

More alive than she thought she could be

The Prince was always there

In her head


Softly talking –

threatening –


Perfect pain

One day she turned and he was gone

She called and he did not hear

She reached to touch him — ether–

There was no more heat

Only a dull throbbing icy cold

There was no more exquisite ache

Only a stabbing harsh sorrow

The Prince from the Dark Side had left her




She wept

And wept

And wept

His chains still shackled her

His ropes still bound her

He invaded her sleep

Uninvited rode in her car

His ghost was everywhere

There was no escape.

One morning  —

A miracle !

A flash of brilliance !                                                                                     

He was a Prince

Who became a fool

A fool who was not worthy

Of such a Princess as she

The chains fell apart

The ropes were as cotton

Now she is free


And can hear the promise of another

It is dim but it is there

Each day she wakes

Knowing somewhere He is rising

He is sensing a Princess

Wandering the Kingdom

And determined, he will find her