What was I was feeling?

It was not an excited amorous joy

Or a breathtaking fever

It was divine sublimation

A physical lyrical sonnet

A lifting of spirit

And when the moment of our union reached its height

When I felt my body shake with its explosive release

I was no longer under him – next to him – surrendered to him

I was lofty over a range of azure pink and purple mountains

Liberated and at great peace

As I soared I heard a distant echo

His voice – gently – softly – calling me home

I did not wish to leave this place – this heavenly serene tranquil weightless place

But his soft command demanded my return

Fluttering eyelids —

What — ?  Where — ?”

“You flew sweet girl…”

Such a gift he gave me.

One for which I shall be forever grateful, and one that lives with me …

… every moment of every day.