The First dark kiss of the black leather tongues

Unfamiliar    Heavy     Carnal    Intense

Instant heat between her legs

The Second

A dull thudding sting – but not really a sting

The Third

She began to feel weak – frail

The Fourth

Overcome – wanting more – needing it to end

He was next to her, hair clutched in his hand

“Look at me”

She was spinning into a deep, satisfying coma

 With effort she lifted her laden lids

“Sweet girl,” he whispered, touching between her sex.  “You’re dripping…”

She uttered something incoherent

“You want more?”

She nodded

“Three – I’ll give you three.”

“More…” she begged, already addicted

“No.   Just three!”

He released her hair, though dallied a moment at her sex with his teasing promise, eliciting a hungry hoarse groan.

His fingers dropped away

…  the tendrils lashed through her skin, whispering to her soul

…  she heard the distant echo of a cry

Her arms were dropping, he was lifting her,

laying her down on the bed, touching her, entering her…